Sunday, 5 August 2012

Faces Of Friendship

formal photos are always fun but when you have pages and pages worth of photos of the same people in the same colours it is easy to grow complacent and use cookie cutter layouts. so when it comes to formal pages I always try and do something new. As soon as I saw these photos i knew exactly what I was going to do with them. our formal had a photo booth and these photos were all taken consecutively while trying to get 1 good shot. By themselves these photos would of been headed for the trash but together they tell a very good story about our friendship. these were taken at yr 12 formal so everything was just about to change but in this moment everything would always be the same

I used this funky black and cream pin striped paper that reminded me of old fashioned movies (not sure why it did but it was perfect) and used some chipboard letters and fabric flowers to give the layout a classic feel while trying something new (for me anyway) by playing around with photo size and allowing the photos to overlap allowing me to fit in all 7 photos without cramping the page.
sometimes the most awful photos tell the best stories (my favourite would have to be the one in the bottom right hand corner) but often we don't even look at them especially if they are professional photos so here is your challenge dig through that box of photos and find those pictures where you are squinting or the wind has completely messed up your hair or that you begged them to delete. And use them to tell a story. Photos with twisted expressions are not just for little kids.


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