Monday, 11 June 2012

Using Templates

One of my favourite tools i have used in scrapping is the deceptively simple template using this template making effective layouts is simple. While I wouldn't use them for every layout when you are trying to fit allot of photos into a layout or want to make a bold statement a template is a good starting point.

I have used this template for two different layouts with very different results. The trick is editing the template to fit your photos. The first time I used the template I got irritated with it very quickly as it is fiddly at some points. By the end of the layout I was so irritated that I didn't take the care I should of in sticking down my pieces. Despite this however it still turned out well.

Granville school spectacular Spice of Life
 The template was edited quite a bit for this layout to accommodate for the large photos but you can still see the resemblance in the general shapes in the layout. The papers I chose reflect the colours of the costume. The templates simple geometric pattern allowed me to be brave and choose bright contrasting colours that I don't usually use. Another feature of this layout is the use of a photo as the title (in this case a shirt). When taking photos for scrapbooking layouts look around for signs or words that could make a heading for your page. As a first attempt I was very happy with how this turned out.

a few years more experience and i decided to attempt this template again when once again I had more photos then i knew what to do with yet didn't want to make a double page spread
stereotype day
This time the photos allowed me to follow the template better and the extra experience made it simpler and les aggravating to work with. The result in my opinion anyway is a much more effective layout. The opportunity to use so many bright colours on the same layout makes this one of my favourite layouts to date. The vibrant colours really reflect the fun of school spirit weeks and help to brighten the dark photos.

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