Monday, 11 June 2012

tackling school photos: year 1

One thing about school photos is that they appear to be endless this is my year 1 layout and as with the kindy i have scrapped both the individual and the class photo. Unlike in the kindy page the teacher is in black which doesn’t inspire other colour choices. However it did give me opportunity to pick something random that contrasts nicely. i have always loved the pink and blue combination so I jumped at the chance to use it for this layout. i kept it fairly simple with a plain block colour as a background and then blue embellishments.  I used blue ribbon to add some shape to the layout placing it over the photos to add some dimension to the page.

I used the cricut paper dolls cartridge to create a school girl wearing a "uniform" in the same colours as mine and even found a hairstyle that matched my bob at the time. i found this served to fill in some of the empty space left by the smaller portrait as well as adding a little bit more interest to the page. Placing it on top of both the ribbon and the corner of the photo adds even more dimension to the page without the need for 3d adhesive blocks. The bow on the ribbon in the top left corner also serves to add both texture and dimension. 

The second page of this layout I kept as a simple mirror image of the first, removing the extra embellishments (bow and school-girl) so the focus will be more drawn to the image. Although the image is bigger the individual elements in the image are smaller so any big embellishments would only serve to crowd the page and remove attention from the image.

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