Monday, 11 June 2012

Muddy Play

I know to some of you this may seem strange but this layout came to me in a dream. I have been furiously scrapping for the past few days (and studiously avoiding studying for uni exams) after seeing these photos I had a dream in which i created a mud-splattered heading and first thing the next morning i started the prep work to get this layout done.

I knew I wanted the page to be rustic so I gravitated to the earthy greens and reds and to one of my favourite techniques paper tearing. The big feature was the title so I didn't want to lose it in a bright layout. The mats have been distressed to remove the clean cut lines. All my torn edges have been inked in a red-brown.

for those of you who have not distressed edges before I simply ran the edge of a scissor blade across the edges of the matt do this until you are happy with how "distressed" the edges look if you tear the paper a little bit doesn’t matter it just adds to the effect.

The title is made simply by cutting out the letters on the cricut in scrap paper and using a dry brush and a small amount of paint dapping flecks around the letters. I strongly suggest you experiment before doing this on your actual page as it takes time to get the nack. This is how i learnt to use a dry brush. I also suggest testing the paint colour you plan to use on the page before doing the heading as even soft neutral colours like this creamy beige will change the paint colour since you are applying lightly i tested mine where I knew I was going to place my torn paper.

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