Thursday, 7 June 2012

tackling school photos: kindy

another older creation
i always find school photos are hard to scrap. they tent to always have the same colour scheme and i like scrapping both the individual and the class photo so i can also remember who was in my class. the addition of the class photo to a layout can be difficult though as this means including the name list as well. even on a double page layout this leaves little room for decoration. this kindy page took me forever as the butterflies came from cricut offcuts i was given and i am fussy but eventually i finished it off. using ink to colour some white butterflies into the colour scheme which i found added a lovely texture to the page. Finished with some kindy glitz to add a little bit more sparkle. Here is the finished product.

to combat the colour scheme in school photos and preventing all your pages becoming monochromatic i find using other colours that have been introduced into the photo (in this case the teachers dress) another technique is to use a bold colour that contrasts the pictures. in this example the warm tones of red brown and yellow contrast with the cool blue of the photos. this means despite the elements on the page the photos are still the focus.

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